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Restorative Services

Amalgram Replacement
We pride ourselves on not using Silver Amalgam for over a decade now. When patients wish to have their Amalgams replaced for health reasons or cosmetic, we can discuss the various options available. Composite fillings are the most commonly used filling material. They can be closely matched to the colour of the existing teeth. They can normally be placed in one visit and are very durable and will last for many years.
Composite Fillings Image

Porcelain crown (Cap)

A crown provides protection and strength when an ordinary filling can’t. They will generally last longer than a filling, and are made to match the shape and size of your existing teeth. Two appointments are needed for this treatment, and we use a high quality dental laboratory to construct the crowns.
Dental capRestorations
At Beautiful Smile Dental, we believe your number one priority is having a beautiful smile.
In recent years, due to an increase of patient awareness and usage of fluoride, the incidence tooth decay has significantly reduced. However, teeth are still susceptible to breakage, infection and decay and most times need to be restored back to health. With more modern advanced technology, we can now offer more options in restoring a tooth back to its normal appearance, shape and function. You no longer have to endure dental pain from damaged and decayed teeth. With dental restorations, not only can we repair your teeth and replace missing teeth, we can restore your confidence and beautiful smile.
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