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Damaged / Infected Tooth Services

root-canal_Root Canal Therapy
It is generally the treatment of choice to save a tooth, which alternatively would need to be extracted. In most cases it is completed with no discomfort or very little, no different to the sensation of receiving a routine filling. After the initial appointment the tooth is normally pain free. There are normally a couple more visits to complete the treatment. In some cases the teeth that have had root canal treatment may need a crown to protect the tooth and prevent it from breaking. We use the latest machinery and medicaments to ensure the best possible result.

Wisdom Teeth/Extractions
Being the last teeth to enter the mouth can mean that any space issues can cause the wisdom teeth to not erupt sufficiently. This can lead to infection and tooth ache. This is why wisdom teeth need to be extracted. All your extraction needs can be managed at Beautiful Smile Dental.

Happy Gas Treatment
Happy gas for nervous patients (Nitrous oxide) – At our Richmond rooms, we can offer happy gas. This gas is administered from a mask placed over the nose. This relaxes an otherwise nervous patient and allows the treatment to be completed effortlessly. At the end of the treatment, the effects of the gas are reversed by giving the patient pure oxygen to breathe.