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Cosmetic Dentistry Services

teeth whiteningTeeth whitening
Coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine as well as age can contribute to the staining of teeth. At Beautiful smile dental we only use whitening techniques and products which are safe and have been approved to be used in Australia.

We offer an in house system which involves us applying a specially formulated gel to your teeth which is then activated by a light source.teeth-whitening2 -300x93

We also offer a take home system which involves applying a whitening gel to custom fitted trays. This can be worn during the day for a specified time, or overnight.

Results vary depending on the colour of your teeth to begin with and furthermore how long the teeth remain white will also vary.

Porcelain Crown CapsVeneers can be made from a composite resin or porcelain based material. They are placed over the front surfaces of existing teeth providing an extremely aesthetic solution. They can close gaps, straighten crooked teeth, repair chipped teeth and cover stained teeth.